Saturday, May 21, 2011


Nightmare. It had been ages since the last nightmare. Last night, it happened again. A dream that made me ponder, am I trying to be somebody else or am I still haven't let go of the past. Blame my memory, it is too good in preserving all those bittersweet memory. Confused and felt like wanna throw up. I ended up talking to Tina, my cat. Glad she's here with me.

My result. Worst. Still in dean's list, yet I knew that I can do better and I did play around a lot this semester [i think pak cik dekan musti terkezut tengok result budak yang kononnye harapan fakulti ni, ampun pak, ampun..=p]. I'm sorry for myself for not being able to control my own lazy-mischievous act. This-london-bridge-is-falling-down-type-of-result did occur during my matriculation's day and it's due to my too-hectic-activity-freak-head-of-mine. I believe I have to get back to the old nerdy me, scrap off A C T I V I T I E S. [At least this is how I feel right now... Hmmph.. Tu laah, lain kali kena pandai time management, kalau semua aktiviti nak sebat, camni lah jadiknye. Ingat ape, ambassador Hotlink ke, aktifkan dirimu. Haish. Kan dah membebel kat diri sendirik.].

Home. I need my family now. I need ample, good and healthy home cook food. I need to talk to mom. Escaping? I take it as a way to nourish myself to face the days and perform better. Well, escapism never let you escape, aite? 

pee/ass: it's time to do self-reflection.
pea/ash: thanks Dewi for the clothes. I love R E D the most.


HS said...

i tot u loved BLUE most? =3

Anonymous said...

gamba cantik~~~~

saya suka ^^

jannah yang suka gamba tu..heehe

chumut said...

hs: i think i've changed. chewah. anyway, dewi gave me white, blak, green and red. no blue. that's y.

chumut said...

jlite: good photo, comes from a good photographer. cheerio! ^_~