Friday, April 1, 2011


Nothing is better than an-hour-phone call from mama. She called all her daughters today mentioning that she cooked so many things but nobody gonna eat all. She misses us but we miss her more. Heart-touched. Feel like wanna hug her and talk to her, decorate chocolate with her and put my head on her lap, manja-manja while watching Narnia. We're having hard times now, and mama tried to live as happy as possible even deep in my heart, in my sis heart, we knew what she feel. However, she will only said: "It's okay, don't think too much, this will end soon." and she smiles.

Reality is harsh. I wish life could be like a 500 pages novel or a 2 hours movie where it just take a-particular-short-of-period to end. 

Don't be sympathized. We're living good life. Although, what had happen to us now make me think how worse a man could be, how easy a man could be manipulated, how could a man could not even think about his own family. Don't be symphatized.

It's only 1st April but Mama already wish me Happy Birthday. Tears rolled in eyes. She asked me whether I want her to send me the birthday present. A new kain sembahyang [prayer cloth for Muslim woman]. Can't hold the tears anymore, cry. I still remember, during my matriculation, mama wished me Happy Birthday, a week before, all 7 days before my birthday. She always knows best. Mama, I love you.