Saturday, April 16, 2011


Special thanks to 47th Convo Crew, especially to daddy director, Miqdad, who cooked Maggi for the simple birthday bash. That’s really sweet and taste good, and taste better when we eat together wee~! Thank you for the birthday wishes and song. Thank you mama and sistah, we'll celebrate when I'm home yah.Thank you Ghini dear, for the wish, I’m so touched because I know you are the person who hardly call me because we use different phone line. I love you Ghini and I will always be your gundu. Thank you Amir for the wish, sorry, I had meeting. I’m 21 now! Let’s go clubbing!

pee/ass: i've done my best for the Harvard interview. Pray hard. For 47th, let's create magic as it comes with the lucky number seven! Yosh!

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