Monday, April 11, 2011


Some of the girls are so drunk on love. But I'm hopelessly, carelessly put my heart in pawning center. Unlucky me or am I so stupid for easily giving so many of my chances when I first fall in love. Yay! now I sound like I'm the one who is selfish. Enough. Enjoying When in Rome, searching for the sign of love.Failed. Great Failure. It's just a fairytale.

I'm stupid? Because people can easily back-stabbed and fooled me with cheap-lies or am I just being so outdated till I missed the fact that nowadays young people befriend with lovey dovey words angau overboard styles in showing good-friendship manner. Me equal to old stuff, grandpapa clock.

When in Rome always makes me laugh with that yellow molte grande in the elevator. Looks like it's tough for me to believe in love again [cliche' me.ahah. wanna vomit. love? all i get are lies, lies,lies. being an angel is such a fool character when that person is enjoying other's company so well, lying behind the angel. the devils are more interesting tempting character...uu.. grrr.. lustful long live red devil, enjoying victory in hell. yay~ shoulld i be one to be with you huh?]  . I don't wanna think anymore. All i want is to kidnap the Kadikon's gumok cat. Picit-picit. Urgh!!! Geram!! Nak kucing gumok now!

musicmode: If You Can Afford Me, Katty Perry.
"If you want me, I'm not a piece of ass, a one night stand, a storage shed
I think you better walk by, tonight
Oh, no."

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