Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sociolinguistic class today taught me something that I believe is very essential to life. Dr. Hassan did open my mind with his statement of "making the familiar to the unfamiliar." Once I heard this, I feel "Yeah! that's awesome!". 

Our life is a routine. Wake up at 6 a m. Received Good Morning message from my loved one. Pray. Shower. Be prepared for the class. Wait for the bus. Lecture. Return to hostel. Login Facebook. Stalk, stalk, stalk. Comment, like, unlike or just being annoyed with unnecessary jealousy of other girls commenting at boyfriend or boyfriend comments at other girls wall as if they are desperate for attention (that's what I feel). Flush all the frustrated, back to working on assignments and paperwork. Blogwalking. Sleep. The next day, the same things rotate. 

Dr. Hassan said, why not sometime, you wake up with something new, something that you're not familiar with. The unfamiliar. At first, I thought, does he means... once we open our eyes, we could see dinosaur dancing a good morning dance happily to us? or we get new presents? Or we brush our teeth with honey or maple syrup? Nah~ It's not that. It's how you look at your life. If every morning, you receive Good Morning message from others, why not next morning you send Good Morning message to your loved ones. To your mom and dad. I bet they will be happy and this will be a great kickstart for your morning. 

If in the lecture you always feel sleepy and bored, why not challenge yourself by asking questions and give opinions? This might be the unfamiliar that would spark new things in your life. If you always be the one who listen and laugh at other's jokes, be the one who crack a joke tomorrow!

If Facebook makes you down, instead of thinking and labouring our unnecessary stupid feelings to them who insensitive and not even consider us, log off and go outside for a while, go for green!

If the people around you bored you because they are so familiar to your life, try to seek the unfamiliar side of them. The positive one of course. Or maybe just ask them to eat or company you or make them smile. Well, if you have partner, please consider your partner because your good intention may lead to other's pain. Ahak!

In every familiar side always comes with the unfamiliar and this would be a key to a positive merrier life instead of doing the routine.

pea/ash: Special thanks to Dr. Hassan. I do enjoy your class today. You  lit up the important thing about life. 16 years. Sometimes certain take time to see the unfamiliar. Ahak.


HS said...

wah... inspiring stuff. thank you for sharing! >.<

chumut said...

happy sharing ring ring ring.

suldew_13 said...

hehehehhee...its nice when we get da opportunity to share what we have gone thru all dis years....heheheheheh

chumut said...

suldew: so true honey. i'm impressed you can talk bout me so well. love ya. ^_^

chumut said...

oh, and one more thing. suldew, kem salam uncle bartan. love your family always. no matter what ^_^