Monday, March 21, 2011


A day with the most classes ever turned out to be the best hangout ever! From a picca at the yellow flowers tree at Faculty of Biomedic and Bio-science to juicy-chatty at Secret Recipe. A great unplanned study-scape ever. Thanks to Mr. Mirul from Secret Recipe for the 20% discount off for Chococolate Indulgence, Mud Choc, Spicy Chicken Cornish and two slices of Strawberry Yogurt Cheese; which I didn't consume of course. Good thing was I managed to load my instant noodle stocks and Chuka Iidako and I found Banana Pocky! Yay! *jump up to the air!*

But the best of all is them... my Girlfriends! x.o.x.o.
pee/ass: We might be talking craps, but the moment was cream and crisp!


HS said...

waaaa~ SR~ =3

chumut said...

one of places for good cake.