Saturday, March 5, 2011


Wake up this morning with odd feeling. Maybe I slept without good condition last night. Craving for Avril's piece, I crawl to my beloved mp3; my soul, one that always accompanied me in most time even when I hurt the most or burst into happy tears.

There was one time a friend said, do not let the differences tear human's heart and bond apart. I respect human's diversity and uniqueness. However, hypocrisy is such a disgusting weird uniqueness. Alright, I dislike people who talk over good things, religious thingy but they are vice versa. What's the point of having wise quote or hadith but on the same time saying or doing shitting thingy. Except if this is a way of you think you could be bad and naughty but at the same time to appear good. Pointless honey. [But, congratulations! you're the Royalty of Hypocrisy!].

No offense. I note to myself. Stick to my mp3, listening to My Happy Ending, Avril. I rest my case.  

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