Sunday, March 27, 2011


Morning world! Happy Belated Earth Hour! Huhu, it supposed to be yesterday. Dawson might knock my head for not remember it. Ahak. Sorry ya Mr. Earth Hour! I hope your exhibition at Kotaraya went well yesterday.

Bak's Fever! Miss plum pudding will definitely hold my shoulders and shake me until I wake up from dreamland. Ahak. What to do, Bak got me! Anyway, thanks for making my world positive! He creates the sense that nothing is impossible and we can achieve anything if we have passion for it. InsyaAllah. Yosh!

Wedding! Another wedding is coming soon! Congratulations Tehah! Please tag me your wedding card! I'll definitely be there for your reception. Please not in Aussie, uhuk, no flight budget this year. Huhu. 

May all days come with good things ^_^. Enjoy the video! Believe me, it comes with lotsa loves. May everything be okay! Aal iiz well!


Anonymous said...

bak yang tankap gambar tu eh...dia memang kool pn

chumut said...

yup2. admire him so much!