Thursday, March 24, 2011


What are the things that touch my emotion deeply these past few days? 

1)Tsunami in Japan is a mass nature destruction with nuclear radiation fill their lungs. 12 000 people are still missing and I can't imagine their feeling losing their loved ones. 

2) The continuous 68 years Gaza crisis, where us, Muslim cannot even do anything but just look at those Palestinians being killed and tortured by the Laknatullah Israel every second, day by day. 

3) How a simple 'K' in a sms would ruin my mood. 

For dearest friends in Japan, we may not do anything big, but please read our letters for you. Hope it will ease your pain a bit. Special thanks to all friends that contributed words and time to write the letters. For the Palestinians, I realize that we could contribute something through Aqsa Syarif even though not much, God's Willing, Palestine will be peaceful again. For the "K"-Case, I'll make myself understand that the usage actually not really mean something harmful to my feeling. Chill.

" World will never be peaceful, whilst Palestine is not peaceful."
paraphrase from George Galloway

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