Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Alhamdulillah. Finally, I submitted Harvard's form even though the kakak at the office said I was quite late for the submission [did she know that the International Student's Affair Office is so far far away?] . Thank God, the chance was still there. 

Talking bout chances, I do dream to experience studying in other country. Just pray and hope the Harvard thing will be okay. Or else, I'll work out for another chances. The faculty office called me today, for another Summer School Programme of Hanyang University, Korea. Grateful, yes. But at the same time, all these offers frightened me. 

Having so many good chances surely like having a meatballs rain from the sky. Yummy! Eyes sparkling. Heart's jumping all over the land. Yet, every good chances comes with responsibility. Ahak, macam tagline abang labah-labah lak. All I know right now, is to do my best for both programmes.

Pray for me. InsyaAllah, I'll be in one of the programmes. "Kerana Tuhan, Untuk Manusia"[UTM tagline. Huu~]
pee/ass: thank you miss plum pudding for the sushi picnic today. Hope you'll be okay yah!
pee/pee/ass: currently addicted to aA+bB, Hlovate.


Anonymous said...

1st: abang labah-labah ?? haha, bet that he'll cry for this nickname =D

2nd: "kerana tuhan untuk manusia"...wuiyoooo...
utm-no-patriotisme *japanese version*

3rd: i dont think Hlovate will feel like she's insulted if you keep the book in the locker for a while..hahaha [kata xmo baca, tergoda suda =p ]


chumut said...

ahak! jannah, you're the one who caused me this hopeless romantic chick flick fever! I spent the only little food allowance left for the novel! The result:A night of no sleep! smile and cry at the same time.

p/s: since i couldn't sleep anymore. I nak pi laundry lah. wanna join?