Saturday, February 26, 2011


tipu jika kukata ku kuat. tipu juga jika kukata ku suka. tipu jika kukata ku benci. tipu juga jika kukata kau benar.

Hello peeps finally here's the update. I've been living quite a hella-hectic life past few weeks. Being the out-of-blue-campaign-manager for one of the general candidates who compete for the annual campus election surely made me lose 2kgs. The result? We LOSE [big L on head]. However, that only made me frustrated for a night because I know the candidate who won the most votes is just nothing but merely a good looking person. Hope that person will contribute, despite of doing zero and put on make up showing off good face. I believe GOD is fair.

pee/ass: the pain-ass-ignments are killing me. Lightsaber on to kill those.
pee/pee/ass: I have 4 cats in my room. the most hyperactive. Fun, yet wishing for a peaceful goodnight sleep.
pee/pee/pee/ass: to the winning candidate. next sem genting kayh~

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