Sunday, February 27, 2011


I love rain. Both weather and the Korean actor. Last time rain accompanied me when I hurt the most.

There was a song clearly mentioned that love is hurt no matter it's bad love or good love. I laugh to myself. Human is stubborn, cynical piece of thought for my dear self. Momma always said, The Love of our Creator won't hurt, that is for sure. But me, still craving for his love, merely a human's love. Stubborn? Yes  I am. We all know GOD'S love is true yet we still crying, begging for human's love even though we know human can hurt, crumple, step on, tear off our dearest heart. 

Honestly, there's no rain now. Not even any raining signs reflect on my window's glass. However, these thought reflect clearly in my eyes straight to the chamber of my heart:

We all know,
At any seconds or anywhere,
We could die.

We all know,
God's love is true,
But we're still chasing human's love and lust.

Let me share you something,
You don't know,
A saying from a friend of mine,
Who lost a friend and a sister from a car accident,
"Just imagine, your love one right now is facing the Angel of Death."

Imagine us, facing death without His Love. 
Hah! just a short imagination, 
we continue doing the same sin(s). 

[a reminder to dearest self who had face possibility of death for several time, 
but never put much effort to grab Cinta Allah.]


HS said...

let us hope for His Love, together yeah. =)

chumut said...

insyaAllah ^_^